A New Beginning

Have you ever looked back on something you did, and felt like, “Am I proud of that?”, or “How does that make a positive impact?”…or in my case, “Does that honor God?”

As a Christian, I am taking a look back at some of the art and images I have made, and have asked myself those same questions. To be honest, I am not proud of many of them.

So today I am making a clean sweep, and starting new!

I am keeping only those images that I feel are fun, edifying and nice…filtering out those which could be considered superficial, insensitive or inappropriate. I will be re-making/editing a few of them, as well! 🙂

Unfortunately, this is the internet, and many of the images I have removed are out there forever. For that, I can only apologize.

Posted on: August 9, 2015, by : 3dOutlaw