Make a Single Dial based on multiple dials

How to take multiple dialed in morphs and make a single controller for them in DS using Genesis 2 Female (from a post in the Daz Forums, added here for quick reference)

  • Select the figure you are working with; we are assuming that morphs and bones are already set in a way you want to ERC freeze them
  • Go to top bar menu, select Window -> Panes (Tabs) -> Property Hierarchy
    The new pane should either pop up or open up on left or right, depending on your layout
    If you are working on say, Genesis, it should show Genesis as a selected
  • Right-click on your Genesis in Property Hierarchy pane and you’d see ERC Freeze option (all others could be grayed out, it is ok)
  • In a next screen Figure/Node is Genesis
  • Property – > Create New
  • Put Path where you want it to be and name you want, and other parameters, like limits of your control morph, etc.
  • Unclick “Create as empty morph”
  • Press ‘Create’
  • Unclick Restore Figure Rigging on the bottom of the screen (other two should be selected).
    There should be a bunch of things (that you dialed before) already selected.
  • Accept.
  • Check if it works. Dial it back to zero.
  • Save as morph asset.
Posted on: March 22, 2016, by : 3dOutlaw