mCasual Sites Search

I could not find a way to search all of mCasual Script sites for Daz, so I made a custom one: LINK

Make a Single Dial based on multiple dials

How to take multiple dialed in morphs and make a single controller for them in DS using Genesis 2 Female (from a post in the Daz Forums, added here for quick reference) Select the figure you are working with; we are assuming that morphs and bones are already set in a way you want to […]

iClone Notes

Some notes for my reference on iClone, posting in the blog in case they help anyone else. Fingers bend wrong for A3, V4 or older characters? I noticed that when importing Genesis, it did an auto-convert, so I went to find the profile it used for Genesis, and see if there were some settings I […]

Anime Chick

This is a free Daz Scene file for the Anime Chick I made to test out Iray! Download LINK  

A New Beginning

Have you ever looked back on something you did, and felt like, “Am I proud of that?”, or “How does that make a positive impact?”…or in my case, “Does that honor God?” As a Christian, I am taking a look back at some of the art and images I have made, and have asked myself […]

V4 Clone for Dawn – Tutorial

Here is a link to download the PDF for making a V4 Clone for Dawn Link: V4 Clone for Dawn Notes: You can use a prepared pose for Dawn, instead of manually matching her up (such as provided in this POST by @Bejaymac, which includes additional changes and scaling), or here are some settings (with […]

Mitsu Hair Tranparency

A transparency/opacity map for Mitsu Hair, so that the ends are pointed, for use with solid colors or toon shading (right-click, save-as) Download

Kirby for Roe

A simple face for Roe, requested by my son, to look like Kirby! Download


OK, she will blink…seems you’ve got to give her about ten seconds or so to download.  🙂 Made in DS using the Visual Style Sahders (Cookie head, by Littlefox at RDNA…Genesis body)