Created in DS, used previous Kura character (different armor), AMS and Level19…some misc poses/props from other products.  Paint.Net and GIMP post work. Enjoy!

A New Friend

Composed & Rendered in DS4.6, postwork in Paint.Net. Now I am just having fun!  🙂 Usage info here: Link Enjoy!

The Temple

Rendered in Carrara, Gimp and postwork. Enjoy!


Rendered in Poser and Gimp/Paint.Net postwork.  Enjoy!


Created in Poser

DS/mcjTeleBlender – Reference Notes

Just some notes for me to remember when using mcJTeleBlender in Daz Studio: DAZ/mcjTeleBlender Notes: – If you use a smoothing modifier, make sure to turn “Interactive Update”on – Eyesurface and Tear can go full Transparent BSDF/White (to fix this from the DAZ side, apply a black image to Opacity instead) – Cornea can go […]


Created in Carrara


Created for a Carrara contest in Daz Carrara forum


Created in Carrara