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A tool to automatically create DS links to your Runtime (Poser format) files, so that they are view-able and loadable from the Daz Format content directory

Tips and Tricks

It was mentioned that since the links are absolute paths, they may fail if the Poser library is moved to a new drive or location. This is a workaround to fix the links if this is necessary:

1) Get a text editor like Notepad++ that has a "Find and Replace in Files" feature
2) Configure the program to find links (using the unique "suffix" you used when creating the links)

a) You may want to start small and test this first...

3) Replace the following line below:

oImporter.readFile( sPath );

4) With this:

var sRelPath = App.getContentMgr().getRelativePath(sPath, true);
var pathArray = App.getContentMgr().getAbsolutePaths(sRelPath, true);

if (pathArray.length > 0) {
    sPath = pathArray[0];

oImporter.readFile( sPath );

5) That should do it!

Thanks to @Petege on the DAZ forums for the tip! (I may try and incorporate this in a future update)

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Page last modified on September 03, 2019, at 05:22 PM