Sakura Use Default Eyes by j.cade

Sakura Use Default Eyes by j.cade

This is a morph for Genesis 8 Female by j.cade, which allows Sakura to use the default G8F eyes, but also allows the Simple Eyes, which is part of Eyeballs for Sakura 8 (that I sell on Rendo) to work much smoother!  This was posted in the forums at Daz, but j.cade gave me permission to host here, so it is not buried in the long thread.

From the original post:

This contains 2 morphs, both found under head>face>eyes>stylized edit: they are named Sakura Use Default eyes and Sakura Default Eyes Iris Oval

1st sticks the default eyes where they should be (I set it up all proper so it should be at a value of either 0, or 1 you shouldn’t need to set it at any intermediary values it will automatically blend with however strong you have Sakura)

2nd morph makes the iris shape oval, its optional, but gives a better look. Set it at what strength looks good to you.

There is one other thing you will probably want to do, but that I cannot share so you’ll have to do yourself:

To make the iris properly big you are going to need to set the limits of the iris size morph to something more than 100%

  • click the gear to the left of the morph slider
  • select “parameter settings” and set the max limit higher to something like 200
  • now you can set the slider higher, but wait! the iris still seems to stop growing at 100% what is this?
  • Iris Size is actually a controller morph that controls 2 secret hidden morphs rather than moving the mesh itself. We need to change the limits on a secret hidden morph as well; luckily this isn’t actually hard, in fact its actually pretty much the same thing we just did.
  • make sure you have the normal Iris Size morph dialed in a bit (this will make it much easier to find the morph its secretly controlling)
  • In th top left of the parameters tab click the properties (triangle and 4 lines) and make sure “Show Hidden Properties” is on
  • in the top of where all the morphs are go to currently used, provided you don’t have a bunch of other morphs applied you should quickly find a greyed out morph called PHMEyesIrisSize_pos (alternatively you can just search for this directly)
  • Do the same thing with the limits you did for the Iris size morph
  • since you only adjusted the positive max for the iris size you only need to change the positive secret morph the other one you don’t need to worry about
  • go to file>save as>support asset>save modified asset so these changes will be saved to the figure and you can continue dialing bigger eyes going forwards.