Freebis for all! ¬†ūüôā ¬†If you need an old freebie I had that’s not posted, just email me.

V4 to AD Hairfit

This is a d-Former Preset for DazStudio, which will help to fit V4 Hairs on AD for G2F

Just open the zip and drag into your content directory.

The D-Form preset will be in: people\Genesis 2 Female\Anatomy\AD_for_G2F\Poses


  1. Load a V4 Hair
  2. Set Y-Trans = 1
  3. Set Z-Trans = 1.2
  4. Set Scale = 116%
  5. Doubel click the D-Form preset

This will add 4 d-forms to the hair, which should get it very close to fitting.


Depending on how some hairs are made, the hair may jump up, and need to be moved back down, after doing the above.

The d-formers may affect some hair negatively, like pigtails may get squished in the sides…feel free to play around with them after applying them

Dva Fan Art Texture for V4 Bodysuit

This is a fanart JPG texture for the V4 Bodysuit that I did to make a fanart Dva render. ¬†This was all hand made, based on just visual references from the Blizzard character Dva from Overwatch. ¬†Copyright and all rights reserved to Blizzard, of course. ¬†It’s not perfect, but then again, I did not want to make it exact…

Logo’s that go on the bodysuit are not included due to my fears of copyright, but of course, can be added in Photoshop or Gimp if you desire… ¬†SnowSultans seam guide is helpful when doing that: ¬† ¬†(this image is the same size, so just layer and use it for reference)

For my render is first applied the R72 Leather White Shader found here:

Then I applied this freebie JPG to the diffuse channel.


Apply Image Script

This is a simple script I made to quickly apply images to the Multiplane Cyclorama.  Just select it, and run the script, and a file browser will appear to let you choose which image you want to apply.  I find it nicer to browse images from folks like Hobobo in a Windows Explorer, versus Daz Studio icons.

AD for G2F – Easy Parent

This includes a neck morph to make it easier to parent the head to older figures, and a couples of Poses to auto-parent it to A3 and V4.

Face D-Formers for NearMe

This is 5 Daz Studio face D-Formers for NearMe that I had posted a while back, and am re-posting on request.

Poser OBJ Export to Cycles

This is an old Python script I made, when I used Poser, to use Casuals mcjTeleBlender stuff with Poser.   I am not sure if it all still works, but someone requested I re-post, so here it is.  The old instructions for use are here

Ear Morphs: AnimeDoll for G2F

Ear Morphs for Anime Doll for G2F

Extract to your content directory, and reload the figure. There are 5 ear morphs:



Male Morphs for AnimeDoll for G2F

This contains 7 new male style morphs for “Anime Doll for Genesis 2 Female”.

In addition, is a brief tutorial of how to use the new male morphs freebie for ‚ÄúAnime Doll for Genesis 2 Female‚ÄĚ.

Also, the tutorial walk through how to apply the male figure to Genesis 2 Male!

AD for G2F on Genesis 3 Female

This is a brief tutorial of how to use the new Anime Doll for Genesis 2 Female on Genesis 3 Female. This tutorial covers the steps to use auto-fit to apply the figure to G3F, and some additional tips.

EyeMats for AnimeDoll for G2F

These are some new eye mats for Anime Doll for G2F

Big Lash Morph for Anime Doll for G2F

This is just a simple single morph to add to Anime Doll for G2F that you can adjust her top lashes longer. Enjoy!

Anime Chick

This is a Daz Studio scene (duf) file, that contains a cute little anime chick.  Enjoy!

V4 Clone for Dawn

Here is a link to download the PDF for making a V4 Clone for Dawn (more info HERE)

Mitsu Hair Transparency

A transparency/opacity map for Mitsu Hair, so that the ends are pointed, for use with solid colors or toon shading

Kirby for Roe

A simple face for Roe, requested by my son, to look like Kirby!