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Grouping a mesh in Blender

This is just a basic quick tutorial for grouping a mesh in Blender. Since my interest in modeling seems to sway like a tree in the wind, whenever I lean back into Blender, I forget the basics. This is really to help me remember the best way to do it:

1) Open the model
2) Commands for moving around:
– ALT-LMB = Rotate
3) Go To Edit Mode
4) Vertex Groups are in the bottom left
5) Choose the vertex group
– click Select to show it
– press H to hide it, if needed (after Selecting it)
6) Work in Face Select Mode (CTRL-Tab-3)
7) Start selecting faces to Assign to the Vertex group
– SHIFT-RMB to select a single face
– B to start Box-Drag-Select, drag and press LMB
– BB to use Circle select, press LMB to select (PGUP/DN to change circle size)
– CTRL-LMB for Lasso select
8) When done, press Assign in the vertex group area

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