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Luxrender via LuxrenderDS Settings

These are just some Luxrender details that I picked up over the past few weeks that I wanted to write down so I did not forget:

  1. Premultiply Alpha – If you are trying to use an Alpha background, and want it to be a black color, so it blends better with inserted backgrounds…export from LuxrenderDS and then open the resulting .lxs file in a text editor, find the line “Film “fleximage””, and just below it insert the following: "bool premultiplyalpha" ["true"]
  1. Sun Light Only Settings – If you are working on a sunlight only settings, and are getting awful over-exposure, it is probably due to the non-linear settings in Luxrender.  Here are some good Linear tonemapping default settings:  Sensitivity-100, Exposure-1/125, FStop-16, Gamma-2.00 (see sunny 16)
  2. Delayed FML Write Interval – If you are getting buffer issues during writing of FLM, and it has to go to disk, you can increase the delays between FLM write by adding to the lxs file (where the 600 is in seconds): "integer flmwriteinterval" [600]
  3. Luxrender File parameters are found here, in case more to be added:
  4. Light Efficacy – In laymans terms, the effect that larger and smaller lights have on a subject and each other (?)…anyway if one light is drowning out the others, than you can “zero” the light efficacy by modifying Area light  source lines at the end with: AreaLightSource “area” “texture L” [“Plane/Default::L”] “float gain” [1] “float efficacy” [0.0]


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