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Make a morphable Light Emitter in Poser


These are the same Light, just using ready made morphs.  Here are the steps as I remember them:

(Updated Dec 29, 2011, to improve parenting so morphing scale does not affect curve of lens)

  1. Go to Props, Primitives, Morphing Primitives
  2. Load Lense
  3. Load Pipe
  4. Parent Pipe to Lense
  5. Pipe “Display Origin”
  6. Pipe Origin Y = -0.86
  7. Pipe Rotate X = 90
  8. Pipe Translate Y = 0.86
  9. Pipe Scale 101%
  10. Lense Morph/Back = 1
  11. Lense Morph/Front = -1.5
  12. Select Materials, Lense/Front
  13. Set Ambient Value = 20
  14. Set Ambient Color = White

You can then lengthen the light using Y Scale of the Pipe, and you can Taper/Cone the light using  the Taper Round of the .pipe.  You can increase the overall scale by changing the Scale of the Lense, to get those large emitters.

You can change the intensity by changing the ambient value, and the color.

The Lense primitive is cool, cause it has a front and back, so you leave the back with an Ambient of Zero, and turn on Ambient in front.

Hope this helps!

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