Morphs Manager

Morphs Manager

This is a small utility to turn off morphs, by adding a .NOLOAD extension to the morph files.  You choose the figure morph directory,, and it lists all the subdirectories.  You then deselect folders that you do not want to load.  When you press update, all files within those deselected directories will get a .NOLOAD extension added.

If you want to add them back, just check them, and they will get the NOLOAD removed.

When you open it again to that directory, it will identify the folders as either being checked or unchecked by the presence of the NOLOAD file extensions.

Basically simplifying a tedious method to turn on and off morphs.

It does accept a command-line argument of the Figure Morph folder, so you can make a shortcut to it to open right into the G8F Morphs folder, for example.  Then shortcuts to other figures, etc.

It does what it does, I probably won’t expand too much on it, as it works for me.  It decreased my load of one of my scenes from 6 minutes to 1 minute 10 seconds  🙂

Use at your own risk, and always make a backup of the data folder, periodically, just to be safe.  Perhaps try it on some test folders to really understand how it work, first.

I have not ran into any issues yet though, and the code is pretty basic…though it took a hack like me a long time to try multiple methods.

Most of all, I hope it helps someone!  🙂

Version: 1.0